Staff and Board of Directors


Main Office                                                                  319-273-2479
Manager Leitha Aten
Manager Lending Sherry Kinsel
Member Service Rep (MSR)
Team Leader
Jean Stark
MSR/Loan Clerk Sara Shaw-Keve
MSR Ericca Payne
MSR Lesley Jernigan
MSR Micah Simiele
Operations/MSR Lois Snell
Back Office Mary Krogh
Mortgage Specialist Dawn Saterfield


Chairman Gary Shontz
Vice-Chairman Bill McKinley
President/CFO J. Michael Entz
Audit Chair
Mary K. Christ
Secretary Linda Nielsen
Audit Committee Michael Zwanziger
Credit Committee Chair J. Michael Entz
Audit/Personnel Committee Scott Lawrence-Richards
Credit Committee Latricia Hylton
Delinquent Loan Chair Joel Pike
Delinquent Loan Committee Melissa Beall
Credit/Personnel Committee Gayle Pohl



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